What Can You For Your Child Who Needs Help With Reading This Summer?

Summer is a time when many students lose ground on the reading skills they developed over the school year. By the time school starts again in the fall, many students have forgotten some of the valuable lessons they learned in the grade they just completed. The best way to help your child in the coming school year is to keep him or her reading in the months to come. These tips will help you make reading fun for your child and also keep your child reading regularly for throughout the summer.

Enroll Your Child In Academic Summer Camps

Summer camp can make anything fun, including academics. Sign your child up for a summer camp that helps students build reading skills and makes reading fun for kids. Alternatively, you can also sign your child up for a summer camp that is not academic but which does provide on-site tutoring services for students who need them. This way, your child will get the reading help he or she needs and will also enjoy other summer camp activities.

Get Your Child A Private Reading Tutor

Sign your child up for a private reading tutor. To make the tutoring experience a fun and positive experience for your child, have your child meet with the tutor somewhere public, like a coffee shop, where your child can get a hot chocolate or another fun drink when tutoring is finished. If you’re interested in tutoring services, check out companies like Academic Advantage Tutoring LLC.

Assemble A Summer Reading Group With A Tutor

Put together a summer reading group of your child’s close friends or acquaintances from school, then hire a tutor to read with the group and provide group instruction. Group instruction can help your child enjoy reading in a social setting, which can make reading more relatable and interesting.

Seek Out Reading Clubs

Many libraries (and occasionally book stores) hold summer reading clubs for kids. Some book clubs offer rewards, like discounts at book stores or free meals at popular restaurants in town. These rewards can encourage your child to stick with the program to the end.

Read With Your Child

When your child is reading a particularly difficult book, take turns reading chapters aloud to one another. This turns reading into an interactive activity and gives you a chance to help your child understand the text more fully.

Download Reading Apps

Reading apps help children explore reading in a setting they can understand and appreciate. Download reading apps onto your child’s tablet computer or phone. If you’re not sure which apps are best, speak with your child’s teacher for recommendations.

Author: Shawna Rios

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