The Write Way? 4 Benefits Of Writing Contests For Kids

Writing contests for kids offer much more than something to add onto a resume or college application. Sure, winning middle school writing contests galore may seem ideal when it comes to academics. But, how do these victories really help your child?

Creativity Stretcher

When your child enters writing contests for high school students or middle school writing contests (depending on their age), they are putting their mind to work in a completely creative way. They aren’t just churning out an assignment. Your child is problem-solving and thinking out of the box – at least, if they want to win. These types of contests push your child to go above and beyond what he or she may typically do in school and use their imagination to take the topic to the next level.

Self-Confidence Builder

Winning writing competitions for high school students (or similar contests for middle schoolers) certainly boosts your child’s confidence. Obviously, winning almost any type of ‘contest’ shows your child that they are at the top of their game and maybe even a master in that area of academics. But, winning isn’t the only way that these competitions help out your child’s self-esteem. By participating, your middle or high schooler is seeing that they can accomplish goals. This, in turn, gives them a confidence boost and helps them see what they can do when they put their mind to the task at hand.

Extra Time

How much time does your child have to write during the school day? Chances are that they aren’t getting the practice time that they  need while in class. Participating in a writing contest offers extra-curricular writing time, helping your child to build skills and become a better student.

Learning About Language

Not only do these contest help your child to improve writing skills, but they also build reading and speaking abilities. The more that your child writes, the more likely it is that they will find their voice. Even though this is on the page, it can easily translate to the spoken word.

When your child is entering writing contests for kids regularly, you can be sure that the work is making him or her both a better student and a better person. Along with the scholastic effects, these competitions help children, tweens and teens to demonstrate individuality (and creativity), grow a healthy sense of self-esteem, get in extra practice time and get a grasp on the English language in ways that the typical classroom assignment may not. For more opportunities, look for kids writing contests by Creative Communication.

Author: Shawna Rios

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